Head, Laboratory

It is a clinical/research laboratory offering services in haematology, clinical chemistry, bacteriology, parasitology, serology and blood transfusion. It used to be only a clinical laboratory until September 2006 when it assumed the unique identity of combining normal hospital laboratory services with research activities.There are currently three different researches going on in malarial drugs and vaccine studies. Preparations are on the way for two more studies to begin very soon. Haematology and clinical laboratory results are realized from automated analysers. Two modern automated blood culture incubators (BACTEC 9050), a carbon dioxide incubator and a new safety cabinet are in place for bacteriological culture and sensitivity testing to take off by the end of August 2007. HIV, HEPATITIS B, HEPATITIS C and SYPHILIS are screened for serologically; and they are all screened for before donated blood can be used for Blood transfusion. Laboratory test results are realized from approve standard Operating Procedures and every activity undertaken in the laboratory is well documented. It takes part in External Quality Assessment program of the UK NEQUAS in haematology and clinical chemistry.

Human Resources:

  • Biomedical Scientist – 4
  • Technical Officers – 3
  • Technical Assistants – 7
  • Clinical orderly – 1
  • Cleaner – 1